FootHills Publishing was formed in 1986 for the purpose of getting into print the words of poets who found it hard to get their work out to the public other than at readings or in the occasional magazine. The first few books were published in conjunction with Great Elm Press, operated by Walt Franklin. Since then, FootHills Publishing has released more than 250 chapbooks or books.

Berks Bards is a grassroots poetry group that meets the first Thursday of each month at the Bravo Cafe in the GoggleWorks, Second & Washington St, Reading, PA. Monthly poetry readings feature an invited poet and an open mic. Special poetry events are planned for the Literary Festival in October and BardFest in April.

Shady Hollow Assisted Riding, a non-profit agency, incorporated in 1998, provides a supportive equine environment where individuals with physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities can experience therapeutic, social and educational rewards.
Listen to NV1 Radio Interview on Rezervations with Dawn Karima, Native Voice One (NV1) is the Native American Radio Service. This program was aired the week of January 5, 2009.

CD baby Dawn Karima Pettigrew “The Worship Of Angels” ,These are Dawn’s original Lush and gorgeous vocals surrounded by Native American flute in a luminous collection of spoken word poetry.

NV1 Listen to NV1 Radio Interview on Rezervations with
Dawn Karima, host of “Reservations with Dawn Karima” on Native Voice One radio interviews Dr. Bennis Blue, an assistant professor of English at Virginia State University.

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